Light Duty Epoxy & Flake Package

This budget-friendly decorative grade epoxy system is well suited for aesthetic purposes, offering light protection from wear and tear as well as a moisture-resistant barrier making it easy to clean. It is a low odor, low VOC system that also contains a non-slip additive. This system is available in 5 different colors & flake options, so you can transform that boring concrete surface to a nice finish.

Industrial Grade Epoxy & Flake Package

Our high-performance line of industrial Epoxy systems are not only aesthetically appealing but also deliver the ultimate strength, maximum durability for all commercial, residential, and industrial environments. Available in 5 flake and color options, Industrial floor coating systems are high-quality materials that provide your hard surfaces with complete resilience while guaranteeing constant protection from daily wear and tear, harsh chemical spills, and heavy foot traffic.

Industrial Grade Solid Color Epoxy No Flake Package

This is a high-performance 100% solids epoxy made for high wear resistance and adds a protective decorative finish to coated concrete surfaces. Specially formulated, two-component, epoxy floor coating provides resistance to wear, impacts, abrasion, chemicals, stains, and heavy foot and vehicle traffic to help ensure that the coating retains its showroom-professional finish over time. Available in a variety of different colors.

Industrial Grade Metallic Epoxy No Flake Package

Metallic Epoxy color pigments are one of the most amazing products you can use to enhance your home or business. This color system can create a stunning look resembling a marbled three-dimensional surface. Our metallic can be added to a clear coating resin to obtain a variety of unique surface applications. It is durable, economical, customizable, contains no solvent allowing for interior applications without harmful odors. It’s dense surface makes it resistant to bacteria, moisture and easy to clean.

Industrial Grade Polyaspartic & Flake Package

One of the higher-end options, this can be the most reliable choice for flooring with its unparalleled mechanical strength, UV stability, and resistance to corrosive chemicals. Additionally, these protective coatings are preferred because they can cure within a few minutes at a low temperature. These applications can be effective in spaces with temperatures as low as -30F and as high as 140F, which means you can get them installed all year long. You can expect to install your entire floor coating system the very same day, so you’re able to proceed with your regular operations as soon as possible. In comparison to epoxy coatings, polyaspartic flooring is thinner but much more flexible. These durable coatings tend to carry heavy pressure better and last as long, if not longer, than epoxy floors.